by Aundre

100 cameras instameet

In the age of Instagram, community development has become more accessible for brands, but not necessarily easier. You have to toe the line between being cool, staying true to your brand and giving users a reason to choose to interact with you.

I worked with 100cameras to curate a small meet up to showcase their non for profit to a select group of influencers.

The first goal is to create a lasting memory. That was done by attacking an often forgotten name tag by making a keepsake, a Polaroid portrait name tag.

The second goal was to minimize the amount the brand spoke to the influencers as a group, rather creating a space that showed the value they place on photography. The pitch was simple, 90 seconds or less and then we were out of their hair. A smaller park location was chosen to give the meet a more intimate feel but not a stifling one. From there we provided food and allowed them to approach us with any additional questions. Given the amount they are inundated with requests, giving them autonomy showed in the amount of authentic content created.

100cameras saw an increase in followers, interaction and mentions for over a week on Instagram with a smaller increases on Twitter and Facebook. 

Client: 100cameras

Duties: Community Building, Experience Curation

Deliverables: an intimate instameet with 30+ influencers, increase in followers across all channels and more brand awareness.

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