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Grooveshark as it was no longer exists, but here is a peek into the projects I worked on while there.

Brand Partnership: Leap Motion.

We partnered with Leap Motion to create content shareable for both our social pages and their usage pages. The goal was to create a fun imagery showing how users could use Leap Motion and Grooveshark together to curate a great music experience without using a mouse or trackpad.

No Mouse? No Problem!

With the Leap Motion controller’s motion-sensor technology, Grooveshark users can navigate throughout their entire queue, enjoy their favorite playlists, and experience everything they love about using Grooveshark, without having to toggle between different windows, or dealing with clunky hardware.

Grooveshark’s new full-screen play mode for Leap makes multi-tasking even easier. Whether you are finishing up some Spring cleaning, or hosting a party, simply wave your hand in front of the device to keep the tunes going during your listening session.

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Try  Grooveshark on Chromecast

It’s Friday and we have an awesome party tip for our most tech-savvy Sharks. Try using your new Chromecast device to project the Grooveshark web player right to your home entertainment system. Enjoy your entire music library in your favorite place for entertainment.

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Nothing makes us more excited than letting our Sharks know that there are even more ways to access the music they enjoy on the platform they love. We are happy to share a new perk for our Grooveshark Anywhere Subscribers, and a new email addition, for all users, that will keep you more up to date with what’s going on in the community.

  • New: Desktop App Access all your Grooveshark music without ever having to open up your web browser with our new Grooveshark Desktop App. Grooveshark Anywhere subscriber running a Mac 10.7 or later can head to our Subscriptions page now to take advantage of this new feature.
  • Emails We’ve decided to make sure you never miss an opportunity to get admiration for your awesome music taste. Our newest email messages will notify you anytime someone in the community comments on your profile or playlist.

Become a part of what makes Grooveshark the best place to listen, share, and collect music on the web? Join your fellow Sharks who consistently provide us with important feedback and email your suggestions to

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