by Aundre

Say I Do, To A Better You.

Say I do, to a better you.

Say I do to your better was the final headline copy I settled before shooting. The goal was to maintain the aspirational tenet of the brand by including an action based headline i.e. Say I Do (hints that grooming is a choice and a commitment).

Typically weddings are one of the only times in a man's life when he will go all out on his grooming are his wedding. It's an easy time to convert men into the funnel by positioning the complete shave system as an essential part of the grooms kit.

I researched other locally based brands [@jackerwin and @leonardandchurch] and sourced quality pieces from them to reduce cost and then did a small in house shoot centered around a man's essentials, making sure to thrust premium Bevel goods into that conversation. Our hard goods photograph best, so mixing those chrome and black pieces with a mostly monochromatic palette was a no brainer.

Client: Bevel (in house)

Duties: Photography, Art Direction, Copy

Collaborators: Mari Sheibley, Justin Goode, Quinnton Harris

Deliverables: Assets for Wedding Season campaign focused on grooms and groomsmen for organic and paid social ads.

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